I’m a photographer based in New York City specialized in photographing architecture, interiors and real estate. I’m also a filmmaker and cinematographer.

After graduating in Sevilla, my hometown, I moved to Madrid to start my professional career. It all started with the startup Spotahome: I started as a freelance photographer and within two years I photographed nearly 1000 listings (apartments) and became an in-house member of the team, being responsible for the quality of the listings, recruiting freelance photographers all over Europe and giving them trainings.

Alongside, I worked on different projects for 500px and Trivago photographing hotels in Madrid, and also for different architectural and interior design studios.

In 2018, I moved to New York City to study a postgraduate on Cinematography at the New York Film Academy with a Talentia scholarship, funded by the Andalusian Government.

I currently continue my career as a photographer and filmmaker in New York City.